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We believe that providing support to help further the education of our youth is a contribution and investment we can make in the future of our natural environment.  To that end, each year the Haddam Garden Club offers a $500 scholarship to a graduating student from Haddam who is pursuing a degree in environmental, horticultural, conservation or landscape science.  The scholarship is a gift to be put toward educational expenses and does not need to be matched or repaid.  The student must reside in Haddam, but can be attending any high school, public or private.  The deadline for submitting an application is April 1st.

  • Haddam Garden Club Scholarship Application Form   PDF   Word

Periodically, we award scholarships to Haddam Garden Club members for continuing thier education in the natural sciences, such as entering the Master Gardener Program sponsored by the University of Connecticut Cooperative Extension Service.

Scholarship Recipients

2014  Hannah Casey, Haddam-Killingworth H.S.

         UConn - Environmental Studies

2014  Lilly Umba, Haddam-Killingworth H.S.

         Middlesex Community College, then Unity College

2015  Patrick Fitsgibbons, Haddam-Killingworth H.S.

         Univ. of New Hampshire - Environmental Sciences

2016  Katrina Little, Haddam-Killingworth H.S.

         Univ. of St. Joseph

2017  Hannah Casey, UConn Master's Program

         UConn Graduate School -

         Public Policy in Environmental Science

2018  Rebecca Durinick, Mercy H.S.

         Unity College - Conservation Law


2018  Jackson Parmentier, Haddam-Killingworth H.S.

         Sawyer College - Biology & Environmental Science


2018  Teri Twigg & Pat Gill, HGC Members,

         UConn Master Gardener Program

2019  Zachary Marciniec, Haddam-Killingworth H.S.

         University of Vermont - Forestry

2020  Ashley DesRoberts, Mercy H.S.

         Boston University - Environmental Policy and Analysis.

2021  Ashley DesRoberts, Mercy H.S.

         Boston University - Environmental Policy and Analysis.

2022  No Scholarship Awarded

2023  Brooke Taylor Lloyd, Haddam-Killingworth H.S.

         University of Tampa - Environmental Science

HGC 2020 and 2021 Scholarship award recipient Ashley DesRoberts graduated from Mercy High School and is attending Boston University studying Environmental Policy and Analysis.

Zachary Marciniec.jpg

2019 Scholarship recipient Zachary Marciniec attends the University of Vermont studying Forestry.


Scholarship chair Debbie Karpf presents two-time HGC scholarship recipient Hannah Casey with her scholarship award.

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