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Golden Days

Since 2010, "Golden Days" has been our effort to spread cheer every spring by planting hundreds of daffodils at highly visible locations around our town.  You'll see them at the transfer station, in front of the Tylerville-Shailerville Cemetery, at the library, the Haddam Green, Town Hall, and several more.  So the next time you find yourself smiling at the first sight of spring daffodils, think of the Haddam Garden Club and the pleasure we take in beautifying our town.

IMG_1014 Town Hall Kate R 2019
IMG_2150 Cemetery Bob W 2019
IMG_2146 Cemetery Bob W 2019
IMG_3980 TS Gail C 2019
IMG_2147 Cemetery Bob W 2019
IMG_1015 Town Hall Kate R 2019
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