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Digging In

A Cookbook by the Haddam Garden Club

"Digging In" was published in 2008 as a fundraiser and quickly sold out of the first printing of 350 copies!  The title is a word-play on two common meanings - digging in the soil, and digging into a meal.  This 174 page cookbook is more than a compilation of our member's favorite and heirloom recipes. Beautifully illustrated throughout by our artist member Gail Christie, each chapter's title page features a pen & ink drawing and description of a historic point of interest in Haddam.  On the back of each of these pages you'll find a list of gardening tips and even information for our feathered friends. Another feature that makes our cookbook unique is a chapter devoted entirely to recipes that use edible flowers.  The book is easy to use because its spiral comb binding allows the pages to lie flat when opened.  Proudly, it was awarded a Certificate of Merit in 2009 from the Federated Garden Clubs of Connecticut


The cookbook is on its second printing and is reserved for new members as a welcome gift from our club. 

HGC Cookbook Cover Scanned Sharp Auto Ad

Double-click on a sample page below to view it in a larger format.

HGC Cookbook TOC Scanned
HGC Cookbook pg 147 Scanned
HGC Cookbook pg 141 Scanned
HGC Cookbook pg 122 Scanned
HGC Cookbook pg 87 Scanned
HGC Cookbook pg 103 Scanned
HGC Cookbook pg 5 Scanned
HGC Cookbook pg 44 Scanned
HGC Cookbook pg 76 Scanned
HGC Cookbook pg 55 Scanned
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