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This webpage contains archived Garden Blog articles.  Each article can be opened and downloaded by clicking on the red PDF icon next to the article titles.  For the most current article and a biography of the author, Terry Twigg, please visit our Garden Blog page.

Garlic Has a Mind of It's Own

November 2018

Garlic and Chili

Leave the Leaves

October 2018

Garden Smarter, Not Harder

September 2018

A Splendid Vineyard Afternoon

August 2018


December 2019

A Gardener's Holidays

Dog Walker

November 2019

The Scoop on Poop

15 IMG_2833.JPG

October 2019

A Spectacular Garden in Middletown


September 2019

Brainerd Library Butterfly Garden

is a Now a Monarch Waystation


August 2019

The Intricacies of Preserving Garlic

Purple Hyacinth

May 2019

Fragrant Plants For Your Gardens

Elegant Gardens

April 2019

Right Plant, Right Place

African Violets.jpg

February 2019

African Violets

Garlic and Chili
Garden Shed


HGC at Whole Harmony Apothecary     January 2018

Anticipating Spring                   February 2018

Starting Seeds Indoors             March 2018

Creating a Butterfly Garden       May 2018

Watering and Other June Callings       June 2018


Abundance of All Things Garden         July 2018


A Splendid Vineyard Afternoon   August 2018


Garden Smarter, Not Harder      September 2018


Leave the Leaves                      October 2018


Garlic Has a Mind of Its Own      November 2018


December Garden Chores          December 2018



Hope: A Seed Starting Primer    February 2017

Backyard Birding: Bluebirds       April 2017


Haddam's Garden Fairies           July 2017


Party by the River                     August 2017


Move a Few Perennials              September 2017


Private Meeting                        October 2017


It's Time to Plant Garlic             November 2017


Wreathmaking                          December 2017


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