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Garden Blog Archives

This webpage contains archived Garden Blog articles.  Each article can be opened and downloaded by clicking on the photographs or the red PDF icon next to the article titles.  For the most current article and a biography of the author, Terry Twigg, please visit our Garden Blog page.

Garlic and Chili

Garlic Has a Mind of It's Own


November 2018

Fall Foliage

Leave the Leaves


October 2018

Garlic and Chili

Garden Smarter, Not Harder


September 2018

Cluster of Grapes

A Splendid Vineyard Afternoon


August 2018

Purple Foxglove

Feeling the Heat

July 2024

Dandelion Seeds

Not Perfect

June 2024

Hydrangeas in Garden

My Blue Heaven

May 2024

April 2024 Folly 2 AFTER.jpg

Death of a Folly

April 2024

Pruning Before 03-2024.jpg

Daring to Prune

March 2024

Seed Packets Feb 2024 Blog 20240126_112944_edited.jpg

"New and Improved"

February 2024

PRCYAL Public Domain Image Yew

The Season of Yew

January 2024


The Careful Indoor Gardener

December 2023

PawPaw Mature Tree

What's That Tree?

November 2023

Raindrops on Leaf

Still Raining

October 2023

Bee on Flower Sept 2023 Blog.jpg

At School

September 2023

Organic Home Garden

Garden Companions

August 2023

Purple Glow

In Praise of Darkness

July 2023

Poison Ivy CLOSE June 2023 - TT.jpg

An Encounter with Toxicodendron radicans

June 2023

Sow the Seeds of Victory Poster

Farming to Win

May 2023


Pondside Planting

April 2023


Growing Wild

March 2023

Seed Delivery

Seed Shopping

February 2023

Jan 2023 Photo Wolf Yellowstone NPS Gov Website_edited.jpg

New Year's Re-Solution

January 2023


New Year's Reflections                      January 2022

The Armchair Gardener                    February 2022

Creating A Sense of Place                    March 2022

Go Big or Go Home                               April 2022

Dahlia's Anyone?                                  May 2022

Of Flowery Meads & Changing Aesthetics
June 2022

Dance of the Fireflies                             July 2022

Under the August Moon                      August 2022

September: A Love-Hate Relationship      Sept 2022
October's Flower                               October 2022
On the Brink                                   November 2022
A Berry Wintry Garden                           December 2022

January Blog Photo 20211209_072029.jpg
Outdoor Fireplace
Backyard Pond
Dahlia - KC's Garden 2021
June Blog Meadow.jpg
Moon Clouds
November 2022 Blog Photo 2 20221028_113734.jpg
Frozen Berries
Purple Chrysanthemums
July Blog Photo Field 20220626_115236.jpg


Time and Trees                                January 2021

Toward 70%                                   February 2021

Almost Spring                                    March 2021

The Wait Is Over                                  April 2021

Gardens of Remembrance                     May 2021

History and the Beast                           July 2021
Protecting the Birds/The Fair is Back   August 2021
An Extraordinary Summer                 September 2021
Golden October                                October 2021
Pride of the Forest, Restored           November 2021
Ever Green                                              December 2021

Forest Trees
Jacobs Ladder -
Old-Fashioned Clock
Budding Tree
Sunset over Poppy Field
Forsythia-Univ Maine.jpg
Peaks Above Clouds
BW Chestnut OLD Forest Service images 1.jpg
Christmas Pine Tree


January Dreams                               January 2020

In Deep Midwinter                            February 2020

If Not Now, When?                            March 2020

The Birds, Bees and Bugs                  April 2020

Why You Need to Garden This Year     May 2020

Lose Some Lawn                               June 2020
Your Small Paradise                           July 2020
Lazy Summer Days                               August 2020
Lazy Summer Days - Part 2         September 2020
Spooky Stories from the Garden      October 2020
Season's End                                       November 2020

A Season of Giving                       December 2020


Berries in Ice.jpg
CO2 Chart Screenshot.PNG
Bee on a Daisy
Gardening Class
Wet grass
Pebble Walkway
Relaxing in Hammock
Luxembourg Garden in the Summer
Autumn Pond
IMG_3295 CROPPED Auto Adjust Sharpen THU
African Violets.jpg
Witch Hazel 1 from UCONN.jpg
Elegant Gardens
Purple Hyacinth
IMG_0052 Cropped 2.jpg
15 IMG_2833.JPG
Dog Walker


Digging In                                       January 2019

African Violets                                  February 2019

Witch Hazel                                      March 2019

Right Plant, Right Place                      April 2019

Fragrant Plants for Your Garden          May 2019

Civic Day Recap                                 June 2019


The Intricacies of Preserving Garlic      August 2019


Brainerd Library Monarch Waystation    September 2019


A Spectacular Garden in Middletown    October 2019


The Scoop on Poop                             November 2019


A Gardener's Holidays                               December 2019


tea5_1700 cropped.jpg
Purple Tulips
New Growth
Butterfly on Thistle
Watering Can
Fruit & Vegetable Market
Cluster of Grapes
Fall Foliage
Garlic and Chili
Garden Shed


HGC at Whole Harmony Apothecary    January 2018

Anticipating Spring                            February 2018

Starting Seeds Indoors                      March 2018

Creating a Butterfly Garden               May 2018

Watering and Other June Callings       June 2018


Abundance of All Things Garden         July 2018


A Splendid Vineyard Afternoon           August 2018


Garden Smarter, Not Harder              September 2018


Leave the Leaves                              October 2018


Garlic Has a Mind of Its Own              November 2018


December Garden Chores                  December 2018


Seed Delivery
Bluebird on Nesting Box Cropped Size 250
Fairy Lights
Pretty Garden
Audience and Lecturer
Garlic Cloves
Christmas Wreath


Hope: A Seed Starting Primer            February 2017

Backyard Birding: Bluebirds              April 2017


Haddam's Garden Fairies                  July 2017


Party by the River                            August 2017


Move a Few Perennials                     September 2017


Private Meeting                               October 2017


It's Time to Plant Garlic                   November 2017


Wreathmaking                                December 2017


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